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Dresden Fanwork Exchange -- FAQ
dresden_mod wrote in dresdenficathon

Rules | FAQ

(1) What if I want to change my sign-up?

Please fill out the sign-up form again and leave a comment on the sign-up post informing the mods that you have submitted the form twice. After sign-ups close on October 21st, you will not be able to change your sign-up.

(2) What constitutes television and book canon?

Television canon includes all of the episodes aired in season one. Book canon includes all the books, comics, and short stories in the Dresden Files series, up to and including Ghost Story.

(3) May I request a pairing in my Wildcard prompt? And a scenario? Or may I just specify a fandom?

Nope. Just the fandom! However, you're more than welcome to talk about how much you want to see Karrin Murphy waste some martoks in your Secret Santa letter.

(4) What is pinch-hitting? May I sign up as a potential pinch hit writer/artist only, without signing up for the challenge itself?

If someone is unable to complete their assignment, we will need someone to step in and write a substitute story or compose a substitute piece of art, in other words, pinch hit.

You don't have to have signed up for the challenge to pinch hit. Simply sign up using this form. Pinch-hitters will be contacted via email on an as-needed basis to fill assignments as they come up.

(5) What's up with the Secret Santa letter?

After you have signed up and received your recipient's requests, we the mods encourage you to compose a letter to your author/artist! You can talk about how much you want Karrin Murphy to waste some martoks, you can mention that you prefer in-canon stories or artwork to AUs, you can say you prefer in-series stories or artwork to futurefic. You can mention genres and pairings you prefer, you can say thank you in advance to your author for signing up. You can also indicate things you dislike. You can do all these things--but your author isn't required to take them into account.

(6) How can I make sure my author/artist sees my Secret Santa letter, and how will I know if my recipient writes one?

There will be a Secret Santa letter post on the community on November 1st, where we encourage you all to leave a comment linking to your Secret Santa letter.

Secret Santa letters are entirely optional on the part of the participant; however, we'll remind folks about posting and encourage them to link at the letter post.

(7) What if I didn't receive a assignment?

Please email the mods immediately at

(8) What if I have to drop out of the challenge for whatever reason?

Please email the mods at as soon as possible to let us know. The sooner we can find a pinch hitter the better. If we don't hear from you at all, and you don't submit your fanwork, you will be barred from participating in the Dresden ficathon in the future. But real life does happen, so please let us know if you can't complete your assignment.

If you do not submit your fanwork without formally withdrawing, you will be barred from participating in any future challenge.

(9) How closely do I have to write/illustrate to the prompt?

Short answer: not at all. They are there for your inspiration, but you only have to adhere to the pairing/character and canon requests of your assignment. You don't have to write/illustrate the wildcard. You don't have to write/illustrate the prompt. But you can, if you want to.

(10) What if I don't have a beta? How do I get a beta?

fandom_betas, beta_search, artbeta, and other similar communities are there to help. Please visit them to help locate a beta for your fanwork. If you cannot find a beta, please contact the mods at and we'll see what we can do to help.

(11) What kinds of art submissions are you accepting?

Anything that has been drawn, illustrated, photoshopped, or manipulated would be an appropriate submission for this challenge. Icons, headers, banners, and similar items would not be accepted for this challenge. Please ask if you require clarification.

(12) When and how should I send my story/artwork in?

To post your story, email an ATTACHED PLAIN TEXT FILE of the whole thing, including header information and any required html code to on or before Friday December 16th, at midnight US Pacific time. Make the subject of your email "Submission: yourhandle." Please make the filename your handle and the title, e.g. starsandstones_bucketsoftears.txt. Your story must be at least 1000 words long and beta read. Your submission will be rejected if these two conditions are not met. If you don't get your story in under these conditions by the deadline (without contacting the mods to give a heads-up) you will be bumped and we will find a pinch hitter, and you will be barred from participating in future challenges. Stories must be completed--no WIPs. Please include the following header:

Word Count:

To post your artwork, email an attached file in either GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF format, including header information and any required html code to on or before Friday December 16th, at midnight US Pacific time. There is no maximum size for art, though your piece must be at least 400 by 600 pixels. There is no need to submit a thumbnail version. Please do not upload your art anywhere; artwork should remain anonymous until after claims reveals. DO NOT SIGN YOUR ARTWORK.

Please make the file name your handle and the title of your fanwork, e.g. starsandstones_bucketsoftears.jpg. Your fanwork must be at least 400 by 600 pixels and betaed. Your submission will be rejected if these two conditions are not met. If you don't get your fanwork submitted under these conditions by the deadline (without contacting the mods to give a heads-up) you will be bumped and we will find a pinch hitter, and you will be barred from participating in future challenges. Art must be completed--no WIPs. Please include the following header:

File type:
Short description:

You are welcome to watch the community, but only the Dresden ficathon mods have posting access. The Dresden ficathan mods also have busy holiday lives and will not add any html code for you, so please include i and b tags appropriately. Em and strong tags are often better for screenreaders, so you are encouraged to take that into account as you prepare your submission.

You are welcome to include notes, such as beta thanks or spoiler warnings; however, any identifying information about the author/artist will be removed and added back in after the author reveals.

(13) Can I talk publicly about the story that I'm writing or the art I'm composing?

NO. To retain anonymity, please only discuss your fanwork privately with your beta readers. Your fanwork will be posted anonymously by the mod on December 21st. We would like to keep the integrity of that anonymity, so please don't talk about your fanwork, who you're writing it for, or how awesome crossing Dresden with Star Wars is in any public sphere. And yes, your journal is public, even when it's friendslocked.

(14) What's up with the anonymity anyway?

We like it. It's awesome.

When author/artist names are revealed on December 28th, additional header information such as beta thanks will also be revealed. Art submissions including a signature will be returned to the artist to be made anonymous.

(15) Am I allowed to produce more than one fanwork for my recipient?

Yes, you are welcome to produce additional fanworks for your recipient to be posted on December 21st. However, all submissions must adhere to the above guidelines, including completion requirements and anonymity. You are only required to complete one fanwork.

(16) After the names are revealed on December 28th, can I post my fanwork elsewhere? Say, my own journal?

Yes, you are more than welcome to post anywhere you like after author names have been revealed. We encourage you to respond to your feedback then too, with your own name! (Don't respond anonymously to comments prior to the author reveal on December 28th.)

(17) What if I want to do more for this splendiferous challenge?

Please offer to pinch hit! And promote this challenge far and wide!

(18) What if I have a question that isn't covered in the rules or the FAQ?

Ask it here! (Not in the rules post.) For further information, please watch this comm. Posting is only available to the mods, but it is possible to join the comm, though all information and stories will be public. You may also contact the mods at with questions.

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There doesn't seem to be a provision for things that you WON'T write. For example, the signup post asks if you'll write gen, het, slash or femslash. It doesn't say: "Are there any pairings or types of stories that you will not write?"

This is a problem, because while I have no trouble writing certain slash pairings (such as Dresden/Marcone) and certain het pairings (like Michael/Charity), I won't write incest pairings (such as Harry/Thomas or, in TV-verse, Harry/Bob, as I see the wizard and ghost as having a father-and-son relationship), teacher/student (such as Harry/Molly), pedophilia (such as Justin/Little Harry or Kincaid/Ivy), or rapefic involving anyone.

So what do I do? There doesn't seem to be any way to say, "I will not write X, so please do not pair me with someone who wants X."

Hi there--unfortunately, due to concerns about matching, there is no option to indicate what you are unwilling to write. The more options you indicate you are able to write, i.e. het, gen, or slash, the greater options you should have in your assignment. With three to four requests in each assignment, there should be at least one workable option. If not, as mentioned in the rules, you can inform the mods that you cannot complete the assignment and withdraw.

I'm unclear about how fanfic and fanart will work together. Will fanfic writers receive prompts from other writers and artists get artists, or will the two media be mixed? The types of fanart I'd like to see are very different from the types of stories I'd be interested in requesting.

Hi there,

Your prompts will be matched to an author or artist who has indicated that they are willing to write the canon and genre you specify; beyond that there is no additional matching criteria, such as writers towards writers and artists towards artists, so consider your requests accordingly.

I see that handles and requests are visible on the sign up page. Should I be using a handle other than "Donny_Stills" in order to maintain anonymity, or does it not matter at that stage?

Anonymity only goes into place after assignments have been sent out, so you're good for now.

Where do the RPG books fall in for "canon" -- should we not make requests for them, or is it just like any other 'book canon' ?

Hello! You're welcome to make RPG requests under "book canon." I would encourage you to consider making only one RPG request, though, so your assigned writer has a couple of options to choose from.

Is there any 'too far to stray' from a prompt, for instance if you got a het prompt that was labelled as slash, would it be okay to genderbend even if it wasn't specified or mentioned in the prompt?

Also what if your beta is also doing the ficathon? Would it be okay to swap-beta each other, or do we have to find other beta readers?

Hi there--for the specifications of this ficathon, you're encouraged to operate within the boundaries of the assignment and, by extension, the recipient's secret santa letter. However, I can pass a message along to your recipient if you need clarification.

And as long as your beta is not your recipient you're welcome to do beta for each other.

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