Dresden Ficathon 2011 Author Reveal

Author reveal is upon us! Authors, feel free to respond to your comments; readers, feel free to go back and love on your author again!

The mods would very much like to thank everyone who has participated, whether by writing or reading. Thank you all. We'd especially like to thank our pinch hitters, without whom this wonderful exercise in Dresden Files fandom joy could not take place: perpet_fic, misura, and grenegome, you were amazing. Thank you for being so awesome.

The masterlist of stories, now updated with authors, is still available here. Author tags and notes have been added back in to the stories.

If you find any errors or things that need correcting, please let us know here or shoot us an email at dresdenmod@gmail.com. Also, in January, we may do some polling to get some feedback on how the ficathon was run and to help determine whether to run the ficathon again next year, so please keep an eye on the community for that.

Thank you again, and we hope to see you next year!

Dresden Ficathon 2011 Masterlist

We're are so excited to reveal the stories for the third Dresden Ficathon!

Every recipient has a tag, and that's the best way to find your story! But here's a master list of all the dresdenficathon stories, in alphabetical order, by recipient. Thank you to all our authors, and especially to our wonderful pinch hitters! Remember to leave feedback--it really brings the holiday spirit.

AUTHORS! Please remember not to reply to feedback left for your stories until after the author reveal on December 28th!

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Facing Down for hollow_echos

Author: templemarker
Recipient: hollow_echos
Title: Facing Down
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1200
Pairing/Character(s): Thomas Raith, Harry Dresden
Notes/Warnings: Happy holidays! For the prompt "Harry tries to surprise Thomas with a gift for the holidays, and subsequently learns how Bad of an idea it is to try to surprise a guy who is basically a walking arsenal."
Summary: Harry frowned down at his options. Red douchey silk scarf, or blue douchey silk scarf? Either color was going to look revoltingly good on Thomas, for which Harry felt it was his fraternal duty to hold against him for the rest of their lives.

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Trade in Kind for qualpec

Author: templemarker
Recipient: qualapec
Title: Trade in Kind
Rating: R
Word Count: 1100
Pairing/Character(s): Thomas Raith, Harry Dresden
Notes/Warnings: Happy holidays! For the prompt "Thomas is just as bisexual as Lara is, he just hides it from Harry."
Summary: Then again, he still hadn't grown used to how dulled his senses were without, well. Without a regular diet of Justine.

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Friendship for Christmas, Yule, Whatever for mk_yuji

Author: perpet_fic
Recipient: mk_yuji
Title: Friendship for Christmas, Yule, Whatever
Rating: G
Word Count: 1032
Pairing/Character(s): Harry, Murphy (Gen)
Notes/Warnings: I hope you enjoy!
Summary: Harry, Murph, a few minor explosions, and a bit of Christmas grump.

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Ways to ruin a nice day for burningchaos

Author: ravelqueen
Recipient: burningchaos
Title: Ways to ruin a nice day
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2150
Pairing/Character(s): Gen, Ensemble
Notes/Warnings: Jesus Christ, this story did not want to be written. Inspirations struck two days before the deadline after I had written around 2000 words in an attempt to write different scenarios. I did not appreciate how hard Harry would be to write for. I tried my best and hope you'll enjoy this little slice of life. Extra special thanks go to my beta sulien, who not only did an awesome job, but also super fast (because I was laaate) and basically all the love goes to her <3<3
Summary: Harry just wanted a picnic. Really.

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Noli me tangere for Crystal

Author: Sam Johnsson
Recipient: Crystal (http://crysgen78.livejournal.com/)
Title: Noli me tangere
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1950
Pairing/Character(s): Harry Dresden/Hrothbert of Bainbridge
Notes/Warnings: Angst. Foreboding. Prompt request #2: Television canon, Slash / Explore the aftermath of Bob and Harry's relationship after ep. "What about Bob?"
Summary: There is a reason magic that crosses the border between life and death is considered black, regardless of its purpose. No matter who or what it's cast on, everyone is affected. Written specifically as an episode tag to the s01e10 "What About Bob?"

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Questions of Chivalry for Cally

Author: sienamystic
Recipient: Cally (http://eldestmuse.livejournal.com)
Title: Questions of Chivalry
Rating: G
Word Count: 1800
Pairing/Character(s): Dresden/Sheila
Notes/Warnings: None
Short description: What if Sheila wasn't a manifestation of Lashiel? What might she be like?

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Bloodlines for Sam Johnsson

Author: kitsuneyujji
Recipient: Sam Johnsson
Title: Bloodlines
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,391
Pairing/Character(s): Ancient Mai, Morningway
Notes/Warnings: I used the TV canon as my foundation. So Justin is Harry's uncle and Harry is the last of the Morningway line. I hope you like it! Merry Christmas!
Summary: Mai knows the danger in trusting a Morningway.

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