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Question for Ghost of the Motif
dresden_mod wrote in dresdenficathon
Author: Rionarch
Recipient: Ghost of the Motif
Title: Question
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1004
Pairing/Character(s): Harry and Bob
Notes/Warnings: Ghost Story spoilers
Summary: Monsters and Evil, as they do, in a Winter Wonderland.

I made a face at the pretty light show in front of me, not because it was pretty but because of who was in it. The outlying areas of Winter's territory in the Nevernever were being attacked by neutral (Summer) warriors and they needed to bulk up their wards and protective spells- they hadn't come to me.

Maeve had walked into a warlock's house and taken Bob's for her own. Her own. It wasn't enough that they had me; the winter queen had to have both of us to do this protection spell. The skull looked empty again from its place in the snow. Bob looked like magic. His cloud of green haze was luminescent and spreading everywhere; the little fibers of magic darting out into the trees showed that there was some kind of effect.

The little light fairies where there with him in the absurd dance. Where their little feet, no bigger then a pencil's eraser, hit Bob's cloud, tiny sparks and flames shot up into different colors. All the protections weaving around the place got stronger and stronger through this dance.

He looked happy. It was enough to tell me that it wasn't the part of Bob that was indentured to Kemmler, but it didn't make me feel any better. This is what Bob was supposed to be and used for. He was magic and I... I didn't use him like that. I kept him locked up in his skull the entire time. He looked free and content, even under the push of the Winter Queens and whatever history they may have had.

Maeve grinned at me and kicked the skull at my feet. From then on I knew this entire thing was meant to mess with me and that I had done something she didn't like. With Mab things were different. We could either say "yes" or "no" and everything in-between was done as best as it could be. In honesty I wouldn't have been able to make the centaurs move out of the a glen just because she like the flowers they were trampling. I had no remorse for a few of the Red Court's old thralls that all but ran to the Blacks for protection.

"Winter Knight, is your human showing something?" Ah. Molly. Something about my old apprentice set the younger Winter Queen off and I couldn't figure out why.

"Shut up, Maeve." My eloquence was going up. I didn't even add another insult. Bob was still working his magic all around the snow field, bits of him getting imbedded into the snow. Light green crystals of ice built on one another with each blow of a north wind and charged with their power. Even when the dance was done the circle they made would retain enough power to protect the light fairies.

Maeve kicked the skull over to my foot.

"Wasn't Normandy fun?"


"Hey Boss." He was back in his skull and we were alone now. I had heard about what happened after I left him and the evil Bob back at the pocket of WWII that went on forever; there was enough of a malicious intent for the necromantic side to win. He wasn't given to one of the heavy hitters, but he was in the possession of Kemmerlite none the less.

I saw the ghosts moving from in and out of the places they should be. Good men were back, and the bad men too. Luckily they weren't foolish enough to go to Chicago and I avoided everyone just a little bit longer.

The council nearly got him once, if I heard right. Luccio was ready to capture with discretion the wandering air spirit of knowledge. Rumor had it that he knew Harry Dresden and why there were warlocks and enemies of the council tied in rope and left with note, "I'm sorry, Stacy". But Maeve got to him instead and now we were in a cold ass part of Winter's domain, no home, and...

"Hey Bob." It should have been different. Bob's attitude changes with each of his owners. When Butter's had him it was still Bob, albeit a little Yiddish. Good Bob- my Bob- fell someplace in the time of the Nevernever and I wasn't event here to help put the pieces together.

"You can stop looking at me like I'm going to explode, Harry. Course, I wouldn't mind getting a bit closer to Queenie, if you know what I'm saying." The lights in his one eye flickered closed like a wink.

"I don't get it. Why are you so normal?" If he could of, I thought Bob would just put his head in his hands and bemoan that I'm being dense again.

"You own me now. I can't be that sort of evil 24/7 underneath your watch. Maybe with Justin I could have, not you. Plus I was around all the time back then too. I know you just as well." I don't know how we got to it, but his skull was resting on the fallen trunk of a tree and I was sitting in the snow. So it worked out that we were eye to proverbial eye.

It felt like I was a kid again.

"Do you want to go back to Butters? He still has the internet and it's close to Chicago and everyone else." I didn't want to do it, but if Bob wanted to go back, well, then one of us should have at least been able too.

"Boss, you're really funny. First I'm dark magic and next you're giving me back to your vanilla buddies. I'm not going anywhere any time soon. Now we've got some work to do."

"What work? Mab didn't say anything."

"We've got to get someplace to live! Harry, I love you, but I'm not freezing my teeth out in this two bit ice land! There aren't even any of the nice snow bunnies bouncing around, up and down, in their nice soft fur just slipping past their rack-" The perverted nature of intelligence didn't seem to have a good or evil factor to it. It was just him. Kincaid was in for a hell of a time with Ivy if that was true.

"BOB!" Winter wasn't going to be so bad after all.

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Super! I'm playing with the idea of evil-Bob "winning", but that doesn't matter in terms of possession at all. Harry needed at least one of his buddies back for keepsies.

Hi there. The author reveal for this challenge is not until December 28th, meaning that the anonymity of the authors who wrote the stories was meant to stay intact until that reveal. We'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from commenting on your story until after the reveal.


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