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Dresden Ficathon 2011 Masterlist
dresden_mod wrote in dresdenficathon

We're are so excited to reveal the stories for the third Dresden Ficathon!

Every recipient has a tag, and that's the best way to find your story! But here's a master list of all the dresdenficathon stories, in alphabetical order, by recipient. Thank you to all our authors, and especially to our wonderful pinch hitters! Remember to leave feedback--it really brings the holiday spirit.

AUTHORS! Please remember not to reply to feedback left for your stories until after the author reveal on December 28th!

ravelqueen wrote Ways to ruin a nice day for burningchaos [Gen Ensemble]

sienamystic wrote Questions of Chivalry for Cally [Harry Dresden/Sheila]

crysgen78 wrote Stepping on Butterflies for cephis [Dresden Files/Doctor Who crossover. No pairing.]

Sam Johnsson wrote Noli me tangere for Crystal [Harry Dresden/Hrothbert of Bainbridge]

rusting_roses wrote Hymn of the Proven for Daern [Molly Carpenter/Carlos Ramirez]

rionarch wrote Question for Ghost of the Motif [Harry Dresden and Bob]

templemarker wrote Facing Down for hollow_echoes [Thomas Raith, Harry Dresden]

rubygirl29 wrote Perchance to Dream for inkpenpaper [Harry Dresden/John Marcone]

hollow_echos wrote To Face the Night for lirial89 [John Marcone/Harry Dresden]

perpet_fic wrote Friendship for Christmas, Yule, Whatever for mk_yuji [Harry, Murphy (Gen)]

templemarker wrote Trade in Kind for qualpec [Thomas Raith, Harry Dresden]

eldestmuse wrote Moving In, Moving On for ravelqueen [Gen, Murphy and Dresden]

qualapec wrote Winter Knight for Rionarch [Harry Dresden/Lara Raith]

grenegome wrote Home Brew for rubygirl29 [John Marcone/Harry Dresden, Bob]

perpet_fic wrote A Case of Meta Mistaken Identity for rusting_roses [Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy (Gen)]

kitsuneyujji wrote Bloodlines for Sam Johnsson [Ancient Mai, Justin Morningway]

GhostoftheMotif wrote One Choice of Many for sienamystic [Sigrun Gard/Karrin Murphy]

Misura wrote A Consultant and a Skull for tsef [Dresden Files/Sherlock Holmes (BBC) crossover. No pairing.]

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Uhm, you've left my authorship int he header of my story.

Thanks for letting me know.

Dresden stories!!! *squeeeeee*

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