Dresden Ficathon 2011 Author Reveal
dresden_mod wrote in dresdenficathon

Author reveal is upon us! Authors, feel free to respond to your comments; readers, feel free to go back and love on your author again!

The mods would very much like to thank everyone who has participated, whether by writing or reading. Thank you all. We'd especially like to thank our pinch hitters, without whom this wonderful exercise in Dresden Files fandom joy could not take place: perpet_fic, misura, and grenegome, you were amazing. Thank you for being so awesome.

The masterlist of stories, now updated with authors, is still available here. Author tags and notes have been added back in to the stories.

If you find any errors or things that need correcting, please let us know here or shoot us an email at dresdenmod@gmail.com. Also, in January, we may do some polling to get some feedback on how the ficathon was run and to help determine whether to run the ficathon again next year, so please keep an eye on the community for that.

Thank you again, and we hope to see you next year!


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