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Dresden Files ficathon rules, timeline, and sign-ups

Welcome to the first Dresden Files ficathon! This 'thon is for both book and TV based fics.

What's a ficathon?

A ficathon is a fic exchange. Someone writes for you, and you write for someone else. Each person who signs up will submit two fic requests. You will then be assigned someone to write for. You'll pick one of their requests and write it. On the story due date, you post your story and receive the one written for you. Each person writes and receives one fic. Simple!


1. All stories should be at least 1000 words.
2. All stories should be based on The Dresden Files, either the TV show or the book series.
2a. When you post your fic, you must indicate which 'verse you've written for (TV or book).
3. All stories should be spell-checked and beta read before posting.
4. If you can't finish your story on time or at all, let me know ASAP.
5. All assignments and requests should be kept confidential. Like a secret santa, telling who you've got spoils the fun!
6. All stories must be posted to this community at the end of the ficathon.


Sign-ups: February 17 - March 17, 2008
Assignments sent: March 20, 2008
Stories due: May 17-24, 2008


If you'd like to participate (yay!), fill out the following form in a comment to this post:

LJ name:
Are you willing to be a backup writer:

Which verse will you write for, TV/book/both:
What you will write:
What you will not write:

Request 1 verse:
Request 1:
Request 2 verse:
Request 2:


A few notes on the form. First, you must indicate which verse(s) you will write for. You also must indicate which verse you want for each request: TV, book, or "either." Your requests may be as specific or generic as you want -- anything goes, really.

Regarding spoilers: please indicate what books and/or episodes you're okay with being included. The whole TV series, books up to Summer Knight, anything and everything (including Small Favor, which comes out before the end of the ficathon).

If you need to contact me, either to ask a question or to let me know you're not going to finish your story (on time or at all), email me at feathersflight[at]gmail[dot]com.
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